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Now date is
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Well, it sounds really like
a nice (decent) house,..

... out of curiosity WHY are you selling?

What do you think the
house is worth

Do you know what kind of loan you have, is it a

How much is left
(Balance) on the...

And more...

Are all the PAYMENTS

When is the sale date?
Is the house currently listed?


If we were to mail you something, what’s your mailing address

(contact name) as I mentioned earlier, we can close in a few days or in a few months,

When would you like to close?


OK, looking at this form, it looks like a typical scenario-something we could definitely do depending on your PRICE. So, we have the last question on this form, which is actually the most important question for our Acquisition Department. You see...(contact name), we get a ton of calls from people wanting to sell their houses, but we can only work with sellers who are a little bit flexible on their price, so we need to ask you

(or QUICKLY), so you can move as you planned, and if there is absolutely no fees for you to pay, what is THE LOWEST PRICE that would work for you?